what is Fra-Ber?

The innovation project will never end. Special attention to detail of our products means caring for our customers. Founded in 1992 By Franco Berton as an individual firm, Fra-Ber became a limited liability company in 2007. Today it counts 30 employees, who operate in a 3,000 sq.m production plant, which includes a storage warehouse in Antegnate.


Over the years, Fra-Ber has become increasingly open to the world: today it is present in 60 countries and is a leading player of the industry in many of them. Fra-Ber exports 60% of its production, thanks to its clients worldwide, who trust this company that continues to create innovative products and believes that innovation must never end in order to allow distributors to emerge with a strong identity and stand out from the competition. Fra-Ber is proud of its products and protects them patenting and defending its wide range of specific items, in order to meet every requirement. A keen eye for detail becomes one with care for the client.


Fra-Ber is specialised in solving problems, offering tailor-made solutions to every distributor's request. Distributors can rely on a laboratory, which collects information directly on-site and processes it in formulations, working in close contact with washing plant managers, thereby giving rise to innovative products that stand out for their optimal quality/price ratio. The support offered by the company and its distribution network are essential in solving technical and management issues and in minimizing product consumption.


The Fra-Ber production plant is equipped with all the equipment necessary for incoming material inspection, production, placing products in tanks and carrying out final quality tests. Over the years, Fra-Ber has constantly focused on quality in every stage of the production cycle, from selecting its suppliers to the final tests; the company firmly believes that continuous improvement of the processes must be accompanied by the design of new products. This is why Fra-Ber is implementing an advanced production management system that can meet customer requirements at every level. Despite this tireless desire for innovation, Fra-Ber still keeps the same spirit with which Franco Berton had founded the company: Fra-Ber is still a family-run company, which considers clients almost as part of the family, ensuring quality and reliability.

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