5 Tips To Safeguard Your Car from the Lock-down

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

It has been more than a month since you have not used your car, and you won't use the car for a couple more weeks. After the lockdown ends, you will find it necessary to have the car serviced just to get it running it like it was before.

It is possible to avoid this to an extent if followed by taking the correct steps. Here are some tips on how to store your car properly so that you will not have to spend on servicing when you want to make use of it again.

  • Handbrakes

When you engage the handbrake over an extended period, it can make the brake pads get stuck to the discs or drums. If something like this happens, it will be huge trouble the next time you drive the car. The best thing that you need to do is, to use bricks, to keep it from rolling and leave the car in first gear.

  • Tires

As you are not going to use the car for a long period of time, the tire might develop flat spots. To avoid this, try to drive the car a bit so that whenever you park it, the car rests on a new spot on the tyre which can reduce the chances of tyres getting a flat spot.

  • Battery

It is best to remove the battery. Apply some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or grease on the terminals and the wire ends to prevent rusting.

Here's a video on how to disconnect a car battery. Doing this will not let the battery die and when you can use your car after the lockdown ends effortlessly.

  • Clean the interiors

An obvious as it sounds, but we're going to tell you anyway. People tend to leave trash in cars, including chocolate or biscuit wrappers (with crumbs inside), old newspapers, water bottles and so on. All of this could rot or, worse, attract rodents, insects that can damage floor mats, seat covers and even wiring. So, clean the interior thoroughly and spray a little freshener. But don't use too much even as it will stink in the closed confines over a long period.

  • Paint Job Protection

A car's paint job can be damaged if the vehicle is parked outdoors, even with a car cover protecting it due to the heat, sunlight, dust etc The absolute best way would be to store your car is in a garage or under a shed or lastly a car cover.

If your car is parked outside then it is recommended that you remove any dirt, dust or grime stuck to the vehicle once or twice in a week. This will help in keeping moisture away and prevent the paint job from getting ruined.

We at AutoRLD are upgrading for your safety with appropriate measures to resume providing services. We believe a proactive approach towards safety and hygiene and will go a long way in building it.

We have planned for extensive procedures for sanitizing our premise and our employees and many more so that when the lockdown ends, we can inspire confidence in the public and usher a safer way of delivering our services.

P.S We hope you and your loved ones are safe and at home. Let's use this time by staying indoors and spending quality time with each other and practice self-care. We are in this together and will come out stronger than ever.

Sending you love, warmth and good health from AutoRLD Family.

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