Reasons Why AutoRLD is Safe Post-Lockdown

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

A Letter to our Customers ❤️

Dear Customer,

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in ways we had never imagined. Our everyday interaction with the outside world, with public spaces, the retail environment, and even with one another, have come under intense scrutiny. All of this is rapidly reorienting our understanding of personal hygiene and public health.

The situation demands all of us to keep safety and hygiene standards at the highest priority. It is very important that the staff and the premises follow best in class practices to keep their staff and their customers safe.

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We at AutoRLD have to rethink operations to suit these Post - Coronavirus sensibilities of their customers. For the Service Industry, the pace of recovery will be governed by how quickly it can restore consumer confidence and trust.

We are proactively working on initiatives that will help make our service bounce back faster by adopting optimal safety solutions.

The Service Area and the Lounge is the most accessed parts of our premise therefore we have given the extra focus on these areas for hygiene. Our Staff will be well equipped with the Protective Gear like Masks and Gloves as well their temperature would be checked from time to time. We would also ensure that our staff wash their hand's multiples times throughout the day.

We have a strict policy to follow the Social Distancing Norms therefore it prevents crowding. Hence we would request you to Pre-Book your Service through Call or WhatsApp. This promotes Contactless service.

We believe a proactive approach towards safety and hygiene will go a long way in building confidence back.

Lastly, Please Wear a Mask.

Stay Safe. Stay Home.


Team AutoRLD 🙏

Car Sanitation Program

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We apply an appropriate disinfectant—like one of the products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an alcohol solution that contains at least 70 per cent alcohol. We don’t use ammonia, undiluted bleach, or hydrogen peroxide cleaners. That is a cheaper solution but can damage your interior or worse, trap you in an enclosed space with noxious fumes.

👉 Areas of the Car Disinfected with AutoRLD's Process

  1. AC Vents

  2. Fabrics like the Upholstery and the Carpet

  3. Corners of the Seats, Leg Room and Boot

  4. Cup Holders, Bottle Holders etc

The Vaporized Sanitizer gets to each and every inch inside of the car and kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria.

This process disinfects your car for at least 2 weeks (depends on the car usage) in a couple of minutes only.

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