7 Alarming Pre-Monsoon Car Care Tips To Save A Fortune (#6 Will Blow Your Mind)

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Who likes Mud, Dirt and Water to ruin your car with rust and electrical issues while you are stuck in a Traffic Jam due to the Flood? Exactly, Nobody!

I am sure none of us wants to be that person in such a horrific scenario. The monsoon season has almost begun. So to make sure your car stays in the best shape possible, here are some top tips to ensure your car stays in top shape this monsoon.

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1. Keeping The Externals Clean

Leaves and dirt in general ruins your pristine paint finish and the damage can actually be a lot deeper if you don't take preventive measures.

The Simplest way to protect your car's exterior is to make sure dirt and muck don't settle on it. If you do get the time to do so, always try and wipe down or wash off all the gunk from your car's body post driving in the rain.

This will ensure that the dirt and muck get washed off and can't stick around and in turn damage paint. Every morning too, wipe your car down to get rid of all the leaves and twigs from your car's paint.

P.S - Car Covers are a Big NO!

If you park it out in the open. It will protect it from random leaves and twigs, while most of the water falling on the car might flow away, the cover tends to stick to the car's body.

When the sun is out and the car dries, the cover can stick to the car's clear coat and can actually peel it off when the cover is removed causing irreversible damage to the paint.

2. Moisture is the Evil

The interior of your car takes one of the worst hits in the monsoon. Wet and muddy shoes, wet clothes and very high level of moisture can cause the insides of your car to smell.

The best way to keep the water and muck off the carpets is to use old newspapers. Newspaper absorbs water instantly and is cheap to buy too which makes it a great alternative to using a cloth to clean the carpets and mats.

3. Night Time Visibility

Keeping your headlamps clean in the rain is crucial for better visibility. The best way to keep your reflectors as shiny as possible. We offer Headlight Cleaning at AutoRLD, Kharadi (Google Location)

4. Wiper Blades = Your Vision

Changing your wipers before the monsoon sets in is a no brainer. Some newer wiper blades offer a single piece blade that is more effective.

However, there are thousands of fakes in the markets too which are much worse than the standard wiper blades offered by the car manufacturers. Always buy from a reputed shop and avoid cheaper Chinese imitations.

P.S - Check your Windscreen Washer Fluids

Keep your windscreen washing liquid topped up in the rain as it is crucial to keep your windscreen as clean as possible.

5. Use That Defogger

If your car is not equipped with an automated front defogger, turn the blower speed to full and move the intake to fresh air mode, while positioning the vent to the front defogger position. This will instantly de-fog your windscreen.

Never clean the condensation with a towel as this could leave streaks. Most cars also come with a rear defogger, which can prove to be very useful in the monsoon

6. Service Your AC

ALWAYS remember to get your AC serviced just before the rains being. The AC filter will be working overtime to reduce the moisture and all the wet grime particles that enter your car and so need to be in the best shape. We offer at AutoRLD, Kharadi (Google Location)

7. Drive Slower!

And finally, the monsoon can result in low grip and low visibility. Drive slower than you usually would to ensure reaction times are not affected in case you do have to counter an obstruction of some sort.

How Do We Sanitize Your Car and Why it is The Best Way To Disinfect?

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We apply an appropriate disinfectant—like one of the products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an alcohol solution that contains at least 70 per cent alcohol.

We don’t use ammonia, undiluted bleach, or hydrogen peroxide cleaners. That is a cheaper solution but can damage your interior or worse, trap you in an enclosed space with noxious fumes.

👉 Areas of the Car Disinfected with AutoRLD's Process

  1. AC Vents

  2. Fabrics like the Upholstery and the Carpet

  3. Corners of the Seats, Leg Room and Boot

  4. Cup Holders, Bottle Holders etc

The Vaporized Sanitizer gets to each and every inch inside of the car and kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria.

This process disinfects your car for at least 2 weeks (depends on the car usage) in a couple of minutes only.

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