who are we?

Inception'ing with a perception of disrupting the dominance of un-authentic taken-for-granted car-washers, we've moved in to solve the unchartered and unfurnished issues that go unnoticed.


Your automobile is your standardized personality and it speaks the way you'd treat your own!

We're the pacemakers in the world of auto-care and the technology that floats in to keep your auto, cherished, protected and covered, for a longer time. And that's our mantra!

Protect. Cherish.

the team.


With experience in branding and recognition, Rohit spends most of his time creating hacks and growth modules.


An operations transient partner learnt his way out of the box in the very nascent stage of life. He leads our operative and strategic vertical. 

the headquarters.

Tel - 83809 92200

Email - info@autorld.com

Address - Shop number 4, 5 6,7, Nagar Rd, next to Yadav Petrol Pump, Tulaja Bhawani Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014